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Act 5. Scene III

SCENE III. The frontiers of Mantua. The forest.

Enter Outlaws with SILVIA
First Outlaw
Come, come,
Be patient; we must bring you to our captain.

A thousand more mischances than this one
Have learn'd me how to brook this patiently.

Second Outlaw
Come, bring her away.

First Outlaw
Where is the gentleman that was with her?

Third Outlaw
Being nimble-footed, he hath outrun us,
But Moyses and Valerius follow him.
Go thou with her to the west end of the wood;
There is our captain: we'll follow him that's fled;
The thicket is beset; he cannot 'scape.

First Outlaw
Come, I must bring you to our captain's cave:
Fear not; he bears an honourable mind,
And will not use a woman lawlessly.

O Valentine, this I endure for thee!


William Shakespeare