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Dramatis Personae

Antonio - a merchant from Venice;

Bassanio Antonio's friend, in love with Portia;

Gratiano, Salanio, Salarino, Salerio friends of Antonio and Bassanio;

Lorenzo friend of Antonio and Bassanio, in love with Jessica;

Portia a rich heiress

Nerissa Portia's waiting-maid

Balthazar a servant of Portia

Stephano a servant of Portia

Shylock a rich Jew, father of Jessica

Tubal a Jew; Shylock's friend

Jessica daughter of Shylock, in love with Lorenzo; Jewess,

Launcelot Gobbo a foolish man in the service of Shylock

Old Gobbo father of Launcelot

Leonardo - servant to Bassanio

Duke of Venice - Venetian authority who presides over the case of Shylock's bond

Prince of Morocco suitor to Portia

Prince of Aragon suitor to Portia

Minor Characters: Magnificoes of Venice, officers of the Court of Justice, Gaoler, servants to Portia, and other Attendants

William Shakespeare