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A Grave near Petersburg, Virginia

Head-board and foot-board duly placed--
  Grassed in the mound between;
Daniel Drouth is the slumberer's name--
  Long may his grave be green!

Quick was his way--a flash and a blow, Full of his fire was he-- A fire of hell--'tis burnt out now-- Green may his grave long be!

May his grave be green, though he Was a rebel of iron mould; Many a true heart--true to the Cause, Through the blaze of his wrath lies cold.

May his grave be green--still green While happy years shall run; May none come nigh to disinter The--Buried Gun.

Shortly prior to the evacuation of Petersburg, the enemy, with a view to ultimate repossession, interred some of his heavy guns in the same field with his dead, and with every circumstance calculated to deceive. Subsequently the negroes exposed exposed the stratagem.

Herman Melville