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The Yellow Room


Le mystère de la chambre jaune


Translated from the French by Alexander Teixeira de Mattos

This novel - the classic French detective story - was written in 1907 by Gaston Leroux, once a reporter who covered the famous court trials of his time. (He also wrote THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA.) Match your wits with his rival detectives - one amateur, one professional - as they try to crack the mystery. Mademoiselle Stangerson retires to bed in the Yellow Room. Suddenly revolver shots echo through the house and she screams for help. Her father and a servant run to the locked room where they find the wounded girl - alone. The only other exit, a window - barred. How had the assailant escaped?

From The Adventures of Rouletabille; other titles being: Le mystère de la chambre jaune - The Mystery of the Yellow Room (1907); Le parfum de la dame en noir - The Perfume of the Lady in Black (1908); and Rouletabille chez le Tsar - Rouletabille and the Tsar; The Secret of the Night (1914).

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Chapter 1 vs. chapter 13 of another Leroux

Readeng Yellow Room one chapter at a time, chapter one reminds me of an incident in another of Leroux's books: in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, there are eyes outside of Raoul's bedroom, Raoul fires at them, there is blood from where he shot, but no escape for the victom exept for a gutter spout. Sorry, couldn't help but notice the similarity

Opinions of ``Yellow Room´´

I read the book when I was 10 (seven years ago ;) ) and I like it very much. Initially, the book was boring for me, but after reading forty or fity pages, I liked the story because it was very misterious. I think the ending is perfect and I recommend the book :yawnb: I think Agatha Christie wrote a similar story, but, logically, with a diferent ending.

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