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Eugenie Grandet



Translated by Katharine Prescott Wormeley (1830-1908).

Dedication: To Maria. May your name, that of one whose portrait is the noblest ornament of this work, lie on its opening pages like a branch of sacred box, taken from an unknown tree, but sanctified by religion, and kept ever fresh and green by pious hands to bless the house.--De Balzac.

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Great book!

Dear Readers: I read Eugenie Grandet about ten years ago. A truly great book! It takes us into the hellish world of the greedy man. But it describes a paradox: how the worst kind of miser could produce a generous daughter in spite of his twisted designs upon her. His influence should have ruined her, both materially and spiritually. But Eugenie somehow manages to turn a great evil into the greatest of goods which she then distributes to the world around her.

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