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Summary Book XXIV

Book 24
Hermes leads the spirits of the suitors to Hades where Achilles and Agamemnon are conversing. Agamemnon describes the mourning and burial of Achilles, who, he says, is fortunate to have died nobly in battle and to have received a fit funeral. The suitors arrive and recount their death, implicating Penelope in the plot. Agamemnon praises her fidelity. Odysseus tests his father with still another lie and then reveals himself by his scar. Meanwhile, in an assembly, Eupeithes, father of Antinous, rouses the people to seek revenge. This is against the advice of Medon and Halitherses. The two sides meet and Odysseus slays Eupeithes but Athena prevents the unequal battle by frightening the attackers with her aegis. In the form of Mentor, she proclaims everlasting peace in Ithaca.