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Summary Book XV

Book 15
In the night, Athena urges Telemachus to return home, pretending that Penelope is prepared to wed Eurchus. She discloses the ambush plot and advises Telemachus to stop at Eumaeus' hut. Receiving gifts from Menelaus and Helen, Telemachus departs with Peisistratus for Pylos. They spend a night at Pherae, and the next day (thirty-sixth or thirty-seventh: chronology uncertain), after picking up the refugee Theoclymenus, a seer, Telemachus embarks in haste from Pylos. Eumaeus, meanwhile, talks about Odysseus' parents and his own past, how he, son of the king of Sidon in Syria, was kidnapped and sold by pirates to Laertes. Telemachus lands and makes for Eumaeus' hut, after Theoclymenus draws a favorable prophecy from a bird of omen.