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The Europeans



A quick summation of why Henry James is among the most illustrious and celebrated American authors. His writing in this book surveys the interaction of European society with early, austere, and moralistic American culture. For historians and sociologists alike, as well as avid fans of lit., James illuminates interactions of the respective characters with poised rhetorical grace, and his sketches are highly readable, understandable, and enjoyable.


A contrasting study of four love stores in one novel. We are treated to the Wentworth sisters and their courtships and the courtship of their younger brother and his childhood relation. We are also entertained by the social romance of the sophisticated Baroness and an American gentleman of sufficient means. In this couple we see the inner workings of their interest in each other and their testing of each other. Their romance is a kind of mystery that leaves the reader wondering. It is a very accurate depiction of the dynamics of love consummating in marriage not sex. It is very charmingly composed and the writing style of Mr. Henry James is highly engaging and intelligent and sensitive. An uplifting read.--Submitted by Anonymous


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Happily ever after?

Has Henry James actually written here an ending of unalloyed happiness? Except for Eugenia, all end perfectly matched, while the cryptic lady returns to her beloved Europe. Yet why did she deceive Robert Acton about the status of her marriage? Did she lie simply to produce the happy ending? Maybe she rejects Robert's romantic overtures because the termination of her marriage is, in some way, problematic.

Help me with "the europeans"

Hi every body im looking for the critics of the europeans by henry james help me to get it plz thank u in advance

the differance between new world and europeans

the two country can agree to some extant.for example Gertrude is not satissfied with her strict severe american puritanism.when she is introduced to her europeans relatives,felix and eugenia,she gets attracted to their culture.she like Eugenia's waysof speaking and behaving and her task in decorating as well as felix painting and his scdene of beauty and art.thus she accepts europeans culture.second,though felix is very happy with his euopeans standard,he accepts new world value.he is fascinated with their simplicity and good hospitality and system of value.therfore, we can say that felix and gertrude can live in happiness with their differant cultures

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