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The Pupil



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The pupil

I like "The pupil" very much. I haven't read a lot James' novels but I noticed a few resemblance: in all his novels there are a lot of description of thoughts, feelings, excellent psychological portraits pessimistic message and sad ending. And I think that all of characters appearing in his works are very interesting and are remembered for a long time. In this novel I'm fond of one character especially: a young Morgan. His unhappiness reminds me a bit Pansy form “Portrait of a Lady”. Besides Pansy and Morgan were both completely different from their family. But whereas Morgan was ashamed for his family, Pansy loved her father and was attached to him. The other interesting plot in that short story was a relationship Morgan-Pemberton. For me, having a good tutor(so other that his family) was only good thing which happened to Morgan. And I think that Pemberton has learn a lot form his young pupil. What was strange for me: I read somewhere that a lot of people think between a boy and his tutor was pedophile attachment, but I can't agree with that. In conclusion I can only say(write) that I recommend it and liked very much.

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