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Nona Vincent


Author Allan Wayworth, is playwright and his best friend is Mrs. Alsager, he writes the play Nona Vincent which she recognizes as being about herself; Wayworth does not know it but he has written Nona in exact form based on Mrs. Alsager, who is in love with him; he is told this by the heroine who is given the lead in his play, Violet Grey, and he goes to ask about it but Mrs. Alsager says no Violet is in love with you; Violet is not able to properly act the part in the play until a visit from Mrs. Alsager who represents the actual form of the play’s heroine; after the visit the play becomes a smashing success; Alsager disappears to the north and Violet no longer acts but marries Wayworth. Form is the key here, he keeps on about form, Wayworth is concerned only with form, but he seems to be blind to what is around him.--Submitted by TMann

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