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The Golden Bowl Volume 2


The continuation of the Golden Bowl

"The Princess"


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Understanding The Golden Bowl

I am reading The Golden Bowl for the second time. Not sure whether the 2004 edition I have is considered to be volume 1 or 2, and I am not sure what this distinction means. Perhaps 2 is a "New York" series? Since my paperback makes no such distinction, presumably it is 1. The first time through I had a difficult time understanding much of it. I since read a few essays on the book's meaning (obviously from the respective viewpoints and interpretations) and found the passages to be less complicated the second time. Nevertheless, I still run into a paragraph (or two) which confuses me, possibly because of idioms of the times, or I just don't get it. If anyone on this forum would be willing to discuss a few of the passages that I find to be difficult, it would be fun - at least for me.

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