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The Bostonians



In the heart of traditional Boston female abolitionists are demanding an answer to the woman-question; it is the quality and destiny of the cold, humorless Olive Chancellor to liberate the sex whose intolerable load she bears. But for her provincial cousin Basil, the only use for an amiable woman is to make some honest man happy. Between these two divergent philosophies oscillates the beautiful Verena Tarrant.


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The Bostonians and today's women relationships

I read The Bostonians quite some time ago. I enjoyed it very much then, though I found it difficult since I was only a 16 year old teen. I have read it again, just recently. A few years have gone by for I am now 42. I have enjoyed it more this time. I find that there is a kind of pallalerism between the feelings and desires depicted in J. James' novel and what is going on quite strongy in present day women's relationship. Am I the only one to feel this way. comments will be welcomed.


This is the funniest of James' novels, the wittiest, most biting, sharply observed. Among some, James has a reputation as a difficult writer; The Bostonians is a good read!

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