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A Romance in Five Acts


When Shaw wrote Pygmalion more than a half century ago, no one could have predicted his play would eventually be converted into one of the greatest musicals of our time -- My Fair Lady -- and an Academy Award winning motion picture. Generations of readers and theater goers have found relevance in Shaw's story of speech therapist Henry Higgins, who successfully transforms Liza Doolittle, a "draggle-tailed guttersnipe," into a darling of high society who momentarily upsets his hard-edged reserve. The extraordinary wit of this master dramatist of the twentieth century cuts away at the artificiality of class distinctions to reveal that human clay can be molded into wondrous shapes. There goes a story that a 'higher being' once breathed life into a clay figure and named him 'Adam' seems to be the source for a lot of weird interpretations, coming even before that biblical story was written down and long after and people even in our inglorious times still believe in such automation. What's so absurd is not the tale itself but the loss of the metaphor and anything more 'modern' coming out of this 'none-sense'...What about inventing the opposite of it? It's more lifelike as we experience it daily: a really lively thing,a 'human' is being 'treated' by quite visible 'higher powers' in a way that little is left of his or her individuality with all that is 'menschlich' gone...a machine on legs, doing what it is being asked to do and if questioning shares the fate of all who rebel: death, by taking that breath away again...only to be replaced by yet another...slave! It ain't fun to live and to die for others and others' wars and foul intentions!--Submitted by Dirk Holger

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A funny, amusing comedy with quite unexpectable ending. A lot of humour about snobbery of upper classes. The topic of the relationships of teacher and pupil interests me. A crucial point was a moment when Eliza made her first success in learning of pronunciation. After that, both she and Higgins became inspired by learning, they moved together to the goal. Unfortunately, Higgins didnít understand how that girl was to be treated. Itís a rare case when an adult person can change just in 6 months. I like the idea that the way of speaking can betray a personís way of life, surroundings, in spite of perfect appearance, perfect pronunciation etc. Itís an actual idea even in modern life. I have seen a film ďMy fair ladyĒ (1964) the actorsí play is wonderful, but the songs are a little bit long, it makes the action slow.

Was GB Shaw a socialist, feminist or eugenicist? (College thesis paper, please help)

Okay, so i have spent all semester working on a 30 page paper about: No one can agree if he believed in socialism, feminism or eugenics. Perhaps he believed in some paradoxical combination. Because of Shawís own book, The Quintessence of Ibsenism, critics are agreed that Shaw admitted and respected Ibsenís work, particularly Ibsenís play, A Dollís House. Ultimately Pygmalion is a valid piece of feminist literature regardless of what Shaw believed because he was so influenced by Ibsen. I would love your thoughts. I need response by monday night. it doesn't have to be long or profound, just anything you have to say on the subject. Thanks so much, i really appreciate it.

(Discuss) Shaw`s call for a new woman..?

It is a dominant idea throughout the play.. Please help me in this point! :(

( URGENT) What is middle-class morality?

What is middle-class morality? these words said by Mr.Doolittle,but what does it mean? i know that the middle class morality is the Victorian morality, but i dont understand it !! :bawling: pleses help me assp. i`ve a final exam .

how pygmalion a shavion play

Dear Everyone, I have to write the answer of ques Inwhat way is Pygmalion a shavion play ?? Help me to find the ans of above ques Rupal

Pygmalion Questions

Can someone try and give me an answer to these questions I am stomped. You can try to answer the ones you know pleaseeeeee. This all protains to Act 2 1.What is the "middle class morality" Mr Doolittle speaks of? 2.According to Mr. Doolittle, why wont his "missus" marry him? What advice does he give higgins about marriage? 3. Why is Higgins impressed with Mr. Doolittle? 4.How does Higgins take care of future visits from Mr. Doolittle? 5.What King of teacher is Higgins? How Does Eziza deal with her lessons?


The myth about Pygmalion was that he was a king who fell in love with a statue he made right?? Well i was reading the play Pygmalion and i dont see how Eliza's reaction with her bath has anything to do with the myth. Can anyone clear this up for me??

I need help ASAP please.

I need a little help with the play pygmalion. 1. one of the sources Shaw used for pygmalion was the pygmalion myth. A specific element of this myth which he used was Higgins' attitude towards women. Name two other sources Shaw used for this play and explain how he used a specific element from each source. 2. Describe how Shaw uses the rain as a plot device in the opening act. 3. In Act 3, Pickering and Higgins try to outdo each other in telling Mrs. Higgins about Eliza and her abilities. What does their behavior indicate about them? 4. in Act V, Higgins states, "The great secret, Eliza, is not having bad manners or good manners or any other particular sort of manners, but having the same manner for all human souls: ..." how does this statement help the reader to understand Higgins better? Write at least three sentences in which you describe how he treats people according to this philosophy. if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

The end of the play...

What do you think about the end? Pygmalion was one and only play, where I met the end like this - prose... It was a surprise for me, but really I like it! Well done, Mr Shaw... It is a wonderful, open end.

Can Someone Please Help Me With This...asap!!

Alright So Here's The Deal, I've Got An Exam Over This Book/play And I Really Really Need Someone Who Knows This Thing Very Well, Like Inside And Out To Possibly Help Me Through This Exam. I'm Not Looking For An Easy Way Out Of Doing My Own Work...ok Here's The Story I'm In Homeschool Right Now, I Was Supposed To Have Already Graduated But My School Is Extremely Slow On Sending Me My Work, And They Just Sent Me My Whole Senior Year Of English About A Week Ago...and Yet Im Supposed To Start College In Three Weeks. The College Has Agreed To Await My Transcript For A Later Date As Long As I Can Graduate B4 I Start My Classes. So Its Not That I Dont Want To Do My Work, Its The Fact That I Have 5 More Exams To Do (5 More Exams, An Exam With Each Book) And I Just Dont Have Time To Read Everything. So If There Is Anyone Out There That Is Willing To Help Me Out I Would Greatly Appreciat It, Im Not Asking For Someone To Give Me The Answers, Im Just Looking For Someone Who Can Point Me In The Right Direction For Them, So If You're That Someone Who Can Help Me Then Please Send Me A Message And Let Me Know Asap Please Please Please!!!! Im Desperate!!!

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