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With Lee in Virginia



A Story of the American Civil War.

Few great wars have been fought out by each side with greater intensity of conviction in the rightness of its cause or with more abundant personal heroism than the American civil war. Of this heroic clash of opposing conviction Mr. Henty has made admirable use in this story of a young Virginian planter, who, after bravely proving his sympathy with the slaves of brutal masters, serves with no less courage and enthusiasm under Lee and Jackson through the most exciting events of the struggle. He has many hairbreadth escapes, is several times wounded and twice taken prisoner; but his courage and readiness and, in two cases, the devotion of a black servant and of a runaway slave whom he had assisted bring him safely through all difficulties.

"The story is a capital one and full of variety, and presents us with many picturesque scenes of Southern life. Young Wingfield, who is conscientious, spirited, and 'hard as nails,' would have been a man after the very heart of 'Stonewall' Jackson."—Times.

"This is one of the best stories for lads which Mr. Henty has yet written. The picture is full of life and colour, and the stirring and romantic incidents which marked the struggle are most skilfully blended with the personal interest and charm of the story. Any lad of mettle is certain to revel in this fascinating historical romance."—Standard.

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