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Forest & Frontiers


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GA Henty and 'Forest and Frontier' !!!

It does seem an awful shame that the sins of the American 'pirate' publishers of Henty a hundred years back are revisited in the modern age. This title was actually by Mr Roualeyn Gordon Cummings. The cover of the book is a standard series cover from Donohue & Company of New York and Henty is stated on the cover and spine and nowhere else. Donohue were one of the worst of the 'pirate' publishers. For those that don't know what this means, before enactment of the International Copyright Act, any and all worldwide literature was 'stolen' and duplicated as cheaply as possible, along with any author name that would help sales of the 'pirated' book. American publishers made the most of British literature if only because it was in English. Authors back then were robbed. GA Henty did not write this title and it is appalling that the modern day publishers take no notice when they are told this fact. Again, it must be a case of wanting to make money before any consideration of honesty and accuracy.

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