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A Chapter of Adventures


Biographical Note:

George Alfred Henty was born near Cambridge in 1832,
and educated at Westminster School and Gonville and
Caius College, Cambridge. He volunteered for service
in the Crimean War, and after some varied experiences
adopted a journalistic career. He served as war correspondent
of the Standard during the Austro-Italian campaign
of 1866, and was afterwards a correspondent in the
Abyssinian War, the Franco-German War, the Ashanti
War, &c.

His first book for boys was published in 1868,
and was followed by a long and very successful series,
including The Young Franc-Tireurs (1872), In Times of
(1881), Under Drake's Flag (1883), With Clive in
(1884), The Lion of the North (1886), Orange and
(1888), The Lion of St. Mark (1889), By Pike and
(1890), By Right of Conquest (1891), With Moore
at Corunna
(1898), With Kitchener in the Soudan (1903),
and With the Allies to Pekin (1904). He died in 1902.

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