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Captain Bayley's Heir


A Tale of the Gold Fields of California.

Illustrated by H. M. Paget.


A frank manly lad and his cousin, who is of the plausible scheming type,
are rivals in the heirship of a considerable property. The former falls into
a trap laid by the latter, and while under a false accusation of theft foolishly
leaves England for America. He works his passage before the mast,
becomes one of the hands on a river trading-flat, joins a small band of
hunters, crosses a tract of country infested with Indians to the Californian
gold diggings, and is successful both as digger and trader. He acquires a
small fortune, is at length proved innocent of the charge which drove him
from home, and returns rich in valuable experiences.

"A Westminster boy who, like all
this author's heroes, makes his way in
the world by hard work, good temper,
and unfailing courage. The descriptions
given of life are just what a
healthy intelligent lad should delight
in."—St. James's Gazette.

"Mr. Henty is careful to mingle solid
instruction with entertainment; and
the humorous touches, especially in
the sketch of John Holl, the Westminster
dustman, Dickens himself could
hardly have excelled."—Christian

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