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By Pike and Dyke


A Tale of the Rise of the Dutch Republic.


A story covering the period when the Netherlands revolted against the
attempts of Alva and the Spaniards to force upon them the Catholic
religion. Mr. Henty has added a special attractiveness for boys in tracing
through the historic conflict the adventures and brave deeds of an English
boy in the household of the ablest man of his age—William the Silent.
Edward Martin, the son of an English sea-captain, enters the service of
the Prince as a volunteer, and is employed by him in many dangerous and
responsible missions, in the discharge of which he passes through the great
sieges of the time. He ultimately settles down as Sir Edward Martin and
the husband of the lady to whom he owes his life, and whom he in turn has
saved from the Council of Blood.

"Ned Martin comports himself
throughout the struggle as a hero
should. The story has, of course,
plenty of life, and the maps and plans
are excellent."—Athenæum.

"Boys with a turn for historical research
will be enchanted with the book,
while the rest who only care for adventure
will be students in spite of themselves."—St.
James's Gazette.

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