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The Great Shadow and Other Napoleonic Tales



This title, The Great Shadow refers to the broad "shadow" cast by Napoleon & his army across the land during his two war campaigns, which lasted 25 years. This is the well-written story of several Scottish families during the short peace time when Napoleon was exiled to the Island of Elba, and what happens when Bonaparte escapes, setting out on his next campaign. Drama, Mystery, Comedy, Tragedy, and an enlightened look at the horrors of war and the last battle of Waterloo are contained in this tale.--Submitted by veronique8

The Crime of the Brigadier is one account of a French soldier on a secret mission surrounded by British troops. The only way of escape is to join a fox hunt that the high ranking British offers are conducting in a lull of battle. Misunderstandings of English custom create a great hatred for the French soldier. This story also appears in the book, The Adventures of Gerard also contained on this website. Additional stories of this French soldier, Gerard, are in, Exploits of the Brigadier. "The Slapping Sal" describes a naval battle between the British and French ships and has a surprise ending.--Submitted by veronique8

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