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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes



In these twelve intriguing stories, Sherlock Homes and his trusty friend Dr. Watson solve crimes amid the sinister and foggy streets of Victorian London. Holmes' intelligence is simply profound and will leave the reader questioning plot point after plot point, and wanting more than ever to see if Sherlock Holmes is right or wrong. Each short story is full of excitement, loss, friendship, humor, suggestive subtext, and above all, sheer cleverness. They are a must-read for anyone who loves a good mystery.--Submitted by Callie Levan

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A Scandal in Bohemia and Holmes' Character Flaws

Hello everybody! I stumbled over this forum while looking for an essay topic for an essay I have to write for college (I'm German and study English). Because I recently bought "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" I decided to write about the following question: Which Tools Does Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Use in his Short Story “A Scandal in Bohemia” to present the reader Not Only a Brilliant and Omniscient Sherlock Holmes But to Give his Character Complexity? I want to point out that Holmes of course is a brilliant detective but that he has also flaws that give him as a character in a ficitonal context deepness and complexity. I want to write about his drug consume, his opinion about feelings and his lack of social behavior respectively his lack of participation in society. The main point on which I think about at the moment is this: Because of his lack of freinds and participation in society he (Holmes) seems to be content with himself as an intellectual companion, which gives the reader several choices of interpretation: First Holmes could be overly arrogant who thinks himself above everyone else and doesn’t want to mingle with the common man. Second he could be incredibly alone because he is not capable to build a relationship solely based on sympathy respectively feelings. Most likely he simply doesn't mind beeing alone because he is more interested in logical coherence than in other people (which comes easily to the readers mind when he reminds himself of the fact that Holmes loves solving crimes). I wonder how his childhood was. Why do you think Holmes is the way he is? Is there any reference to this topic in any of Doyles work's? And isn't it strange that a person who loves coherence and clear thoughts consumes drugs? I don't get it. It doesn't matter that cocaine wasn't forbidden during that time, shouldn't the fact that drugs constrict the capability of clear thinking be a huge reason for Holmes not to take them? (sorry for this ugly sentence xD) He, who relys only on his power of observation? In which situations does he take drugs? There have to be times when he wants to forget about things otherwise I can't imagine why he should take them. I'm looking forward to read your opinions! Svenja

More Sherlock!

Hi, I've read the original stories but can anyone recommend any non-Conan Doyle Holmes spin-off books. The other day I came across "Mycroft Holmes and the Adventure of the Silver Birches" by crime novelist David Dickinson, and loved it (short story was written with spirit, wit and intelligence of original stories). The publisher,, seems to be publishing other Holmes related titles. Does anyone know of any other new e-books or books out on Sherlock though, apart from the new Horowitz one? Thanks.

Confused about A Scandal in Bohemia

Why did Irene get married on such short notice? Why couldn't they have gotten married in the morning? It wasn't a coincidence that they just so happened to get married that day, was it? Why did Irene give up? If it was because of Holmes finding the location of her picture, couldn't she just have moved it? Was it really necessary to flee the country instead of just giving up the picture? The king could have solved the problem by killing her, but he didn't, so was she really in danger? Seriously, what the hell.

Please an opinion and help!

First of all My name is Crobe, i loved sherlcok holmes sicne a kid, but i wasnt able to read any of the book, years years later i just finished a recopilation of Sherlock and i love it even more, since i draw a lttle, i wanted ur opinion of the first sketch i did, sicne i want to draw the stories, on the book i was readin there is no detailed explanation of how he is, this is how i imagined him, also if u can help me with Watson, i have no real idea how he is, i think he is old, (somewhat old), but i dont know how old. Thankf for listening to me, and if u have any opinion and if im wrong (im sure im wrong in something) please let me know Thansk Again.

What was your favourite adventure?

I just finished reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and I liked all of the stories and I have grown quite fond of Holmes and Doyle's writing. Two stories stood out to me above the rest. These were The Adventure of The Beryl Coronet because of being so unpredictible (although I predict very little of any of his adventures) and my favourite, The Red-Headed League for being so absurd a story to begin with before ending as a well thought out crime. So what were your favourite of the adventures and why?

Watsons Dog?

I have been an avid reader of the canon since I was 14 ( now 63 ). Iread all the novels and short stories at least once a year. One thing, However, has baffled me throughout the years. In the opening pages of "A study in Scarlet ", when Holmes and Watson are discussing their various quirks; Watson's last remark is; " I keep a Bull Pup ". Never again, even in this first novel, is Watson's Bull Pup ever mentioned. Any ideas or did I miss Something??

All sherlock holmes stories written by conan doyle!

I live in Greece and there is a four-part book series which contains all of Sherlock's stories written by Conan Doyle. The series is named Άπαντα Σέρλοκ Χόλμς (translation: All Sherlock Holmes). I'm very happy!! :D I will probably get the whole series after the exams!!!

Has anyone else read a book that has only a few Sherlock Holmes adventures in it?

I used to have a little book that had only 3 AOSH in it. I don't remember what happened to it, but I remember enjoying them and trying to figure out the mysteries before he did. Does anyone else have books like this? P.G. 7.

Two Little Questions - Please Help

Hi all :) I started to read the canon of sherlock holmes on the web at But now the sites down. 1. Does anyone know when (if ever) the site is going to be up again? 2. Does anyone know if there are any other websites out there with the whole canon with original illustrations? Many thanks for your time! :D Regards Q

sherlock holmes audiobooks

Very good quality Sherlock Holmes audiobooks are available for free here: Hearing your favourite sherlock holmes stories is an experience in itself. The stories are in 32K mp3 format.All ebooks are also available here. I created this site myself because I am a great fan of sherlock holmes. You can contact me at [email protected]

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