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The House of the Dead


Prison Life in Siberia


With an Introduction by translator Julius Bramont (1911)

This is a semi-autobiographical novel first published in 1861 in the journal Vremya. Also published as Memoirs from the House of The Dead and Notes from the Dead House. It portrays the life of convicts in a Siberian prison camp. It is a loosely-knit collection of facts and events organised by "theme" rather than as a continuous story. Dostoyevsky himself spent four years in exile in such a camp following his conviction for involvement in the Petrashevsky Circle. This experience allowed him to describe with great authenticity the conditions of prison life and the characters of the convicts. After his mock execution on 22 December 1849, Dostoevsky was spared his life in exchange for 4 years of imprisonment in one of Siberia’s labour camps. Though he often met with hostility from the other prisoners due to his status of "gentleman," his views on life had changed and this precious gift, he did not take for granted. Ten years later, Dostoevsky returned to Russia to write The House of the Dead. The novel incorporates several of the horrifying experiences he witnessed while in prison. He recalls the guards' brutality and relish performing unspeakably cruel acts, the crimes that the convicted criminals committed, and the fact that blended amid these great brutes were good and decent individuals. However, he is also astonished at the convicts' abilities to commit murders without the slightest change in conscience. It was a stark contrast with his own heightened sensitivity. During this time in prison he began experiencing the epileptic seizures that would plague for the rest of his life.

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