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This translation, first published in 1909, is by American professor and poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1807-1882).

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Who was Matilda?

At the end of Purgatorio, Dante meets Matilda in the earthly paradise. My question is simple: who is she? What was her significance? Has anyone any idea?

dove morire

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Dealing with the loss of Virgil

I am ashamed to admit that this is actually my first time to read all the way through the comedy. I spent the past evening reading about the earthly paradise. Like Dante, I seem to spend my entire life turning around to look at Virgil and i do not understand why he has to leave or why Beatrice scolds Dante for grieving for him. Is there any chance Virgil didn't return to hell? This is the most moving piece of literature I have ever read and I'm not sure that I'm ready to follow Dante into the stars of the Paradizo just yet.

read this book!

i first heard of dante after reading Inferno. Purgatorio im now reading and its an amazing book. i deffinately recomend it to any fan of dante and even those who arent because they will be.

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I don't know, after reading the Inferno (the worst book EVER) I don't think I'll want to read this one. I posted a comment on the Inferno forum but t probably won't go up because it doesn't glorify this terrible book

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Would just like to add my "thanks" to Catrina's. Your site is great and the free access is so appreciated. I have started reading the first book and although it is very difficult without a classical education, I find that information from sites like yours are a really good way to read it and actually come away with some level of understanding. Thanks

THe divine Comedy

I just wanted to say thanx for allowing us to view your website without cost, I think it's great that you have la divinia comedia in english, being an italian major, it's still a bit difficult to understand the italian but because of your website it becomes easier....thankyou

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All three books of the Divine Comedy are amazing, but before you read the latter ones, you must start with the beginning. While Dante does a good job of painting images into your head, it takes the background of what happened in the previous books to contrast those images, as he intended it to be. I would highly recommend the entire series, read in order.

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