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Bulfinch's Mythology: The Age of Fable



Here the myths of Greek and Roman Gods and Heroes Hercules, Orpheus, Pan, Zeus and many others from Ovid and Virgil are retold.

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I'm an italian student and for my degree I have to translate an English book that is never be translated into italian, so I would like to know if "the age of fable" by Thomas Bulfinch is never be translated into italian, please, I'd be grateful if you would help me. Obviously, my aim is not for profit, but only for a school aim. Thank you very much Alessandra


hello, i'm an italian student and i'm a writing a dissertation on the "finnsburh fragment" and his connection to the scop's story in Beowulf. i've already translated it into italian by myself, but i would like to check it with a more precise transltion. morover i can't find a proper and specific explanation of the anglo-saxon metre, can you help me please? i would be grateful. thank you in advance, clo

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