'Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates' and male taciturnity in Hemingway's "A Day's Wait." (Ernest Hemingway)

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From: Studies in Short Fiction
Date: 19930922
Author:Beegel, Susan F.

Ernest Hemingway's 'A Day's Wait' questions male stoicism through the allusive use of a text within a text. The young boy in the story who believes he is dying faces his fate with the taciturnity associated with masculinity and many critics have seen this as an endorsement of the characteristic by Hemingway. 'Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates,' the text that the boy's father reads to him, is an endorsement of stoicism in the face of death but is not endorsed by Hemingway. The differences between the pirate stories and the fate of the little boy are meant to be a critique of American notions of ...

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