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Work: A Story of Experience


Originally published in 1872, this novel, inspired by Alcott's own life, explores issues of social justice, women's rights, and their roles beyond the family.

To My Mother, Whose Life Has Been A Long Labor Of Love, This Book Is Gratefully Inscribed By Her Daughter

This book is a truly beautiful book based on the author's own sweet and bitter experiences with life. In the time before and after the civil war, this book uncovers the changes in women's work in the new industrial era. It tells the story of a young woman trying to support herself in spite of all the odds against her. The main character's name is Christie Devon. She starts with several odd jobs but ends up being an activist giving a new voice to the women. The character of David Sterling is based on Alcott's friend Henry David Thoreau. This book brings in you a new spirit to bring a change so make sure that you read it. Happy reading.--Submitted by Aalima

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