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Rose in Bloom


A Sequel to Eight Cousins


The story of a nineteenth-century girl, Rose Campbell, finding her way in society.Rose Campbell, the heroine of the story, is sweet, kind, pretty, and ambitious. She is an heiress just come of age, and struggles with the many suitors she attracts by learning to judge love versus those who regard her only as 'a good match'.

Rose in Bloom is a sweet novel in Louisa May Alcott's inimitable style. In this book, Rose Campbell of 'Eight Cousins' returns from a voyage overseas to find life changed a good deal. Now an heiress and also of marriageable age, Rose finds many travails awaiting at her doorstep. Tragedy strikes, love shines forth, and the rosebud finally blooms into a Rose, fine, sweet and true.--Submitted by Anonymous

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in bloom

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Favorite chapter(s)?

Mine is 17, "Among the Haycocks". It's where I fall deepest for Mac. I'm in a state of up-lift, having just reread the book, the 3rd or 4th time!

Your favourite boy

I just wanted to know which boy you liked the most in this book. One of my favourites is Steve... and maybe Archie :) Give reasons for your choice ;) BloomingRose

Great Book

I have to say it was pretty disappointing when Charlie died I was hoping that he would change for the better and Rose would learn how to love him and the would live happily ever after:yawnb:. But I guess Rose made a better choice with Mac. It was a good thing that Rose wasn't so sad about Charlie. I was hoping he(Charlie) would do something really good for Rose, he was always one of my favorite characters. This was a really great book though it was predictable.

Alcott's Feminism with the Novel

I stumbled on this book by accident after my Grandmother pass away. I found an original copy in her book case that belonged to my great great grandmother. While reading it I was interested in the blatant feminism that Rose displayed. I loved the story although the whole thing was a little predictable. I wonder how this book was recieved at the time it was written. I also thought it interesting how Pheobe story played out in the novel. Alcott clearly had modern thoughts concerning woman's role in society but her handling of Pheobe demonstrates the constrain her continued to place on class. Does anyone have anything to add? I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on this subject.

Question about music in Alcott's Literature

L.M.A. was always writing about "the song that never will grow old", for example in Rose in Bloom, when Phebe sang for the Orphans Concert, quote : "and sang the song that never will grow old." Does someone know what song is she talking about ??? thanks and greetings from Germany

Rose In Bloom

Rose In Bloom is a very sweet and romantic book that I just adore! I would certainly recommend it, but do not fall in love with all the cousins (especially 'Prince') for I must say he is not how he appears! I absolutely love this book!!!! Except for the ending (:C), sadly but truly, I began to be fond of Charlie. But I would just say soooo many times, don't be fooled by Charlie's sweet doings!!! And start to be fond of Mac!!!

a great book!!

"Rose in Bloom" is a wonderful, sweet romance of a girl in her blossoming youth. She has high moral standards for her future husband and has a difficulty finding the right one. Although difficult at times, Rose refuses to give her heart to the many "less-suitable" men who claim they love her. However, after many hardships, Rose finally finds her true lover. This book is very charming and is a great for young lovers who strive for perfection.

No Subject

i simply loved this book .first i read the 'eight cousins' by quite an accident but i never enjoyed a book so much it was just wicked im twelve and i couldn't rest until i have read the other one it was so nice because rose changes and so do her cousins but she is sad to see the change in one of them but she doesnt realise that he really really and hearily and deeply loves her but she doesnt get the chance to see it clearly and then a sad thing happens to the campbells but rose is determined to not to begin fading because of the loss of her dear cousin but she soon cheers up and finds the love she sees clearly in one of her other cousins

No Subject

I personally LOVE all of Louisa May Alcott's works, but I especially love this one. It is the sequel to Eight Cousins which is Rose(the main character of both) as a child. In Rose In Bloom, Rose is grown up and ready to start on her life career: Philanthropy. Since she has inherited a fortune(which she does not intend to use for only selfish reasons), what better career could one pick than that of helping others for all your life? This book is both sweet and sad and has one of the sweetest romances you'll find in this century.

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