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Little Women

This is a lovely and heart rending tale about the March family--a family who loses its wealth and gains much more--love and unity. Young girls are only human, and they have a natural yearning for worldly possessions. It is up to them how they cope with it, which brings us back to the March girls. Their desire to help others even when they don't have much themselves is indeed remarkable. This book shows how in all times, love and hope are the most faithful companions, for when all else fails ... we can depend on them. Honest and true intentions are really the most valuable possessions one can have. And this novel shows us the beauty of simplicity and the importance of the small human deeds that count even though they cannot be visibly seen. Some might not like this story but the unique thing about it is that it is based on a completely true story of Louisa M. Alcott's own life. The unlikely twists in this story make it only more human, since we are humans and we cannot evade such scenes in our life.--Submitted by Fatimah


The March family is having a difficult time while their Dad is at war but even when times are bad Meg, (oldest) Jo, (second oldest) Beth (second youngest)and Amy (youngest) still have heaps of fun, make new friends, in the end fall in love, and find out that not every thing has to be glamorous as long as you have a loving family and friends in your life.--Submitted by Maddison Smith


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some questions

hi how are you guys

Explaining Little Women by Louisa M Alcott

Hello All, I enjoy reading classic novels. At the moment I am reading Little Women. I am on Chapter 37, and wondered if someone would be kind enough to explain to me what the sentence; "she covered it with a cloud of fresh illusion" means, about Amy March getting ready for the ball. Thanks.

Reading Little Women

Hello everyone, I'm reading Little Women these days. Its such an innocent and sentimental book of all times. Makes me wish for such a sisterly love and innocence in today's world ! Anyway, lets start of with the discussion. Who is your favourite character in the book and why?

Who Would Be Cast If There Was Another Movie?

Who do you think would be cast if there was another adaption of Little Women?

Jo March VS Idgie Threadgoode

I am ashamed to say that, up until now, I've spent so much of my time reading the "new" novels that I've foregone some of the best, most brilliantly written yet. Louisa May Alcott's Little Women was on my reading list in my children's literature course. Though I'm not through reading the book as of yet, I get the general gist of it. So far I'm finding Jo March's character reminds me in many ways of Idgie Threadgoode from Fannie Flagg's Fried Green Tomatoes. This in that they are both from families where social standing and behavior is very important, yet both are little rebels and non-conformists. Now should one analyse the two in depth there may be less similarities, but this was my first general impression of this character. I had wondered what other people's opinions might be on this. The book is so far one of the best I've ever read. I will have to make sure to pass it on to my children so they are not deprived of such great work, even though they may see it as a "chickie book". What truly impressed me the most was Louisa May Alcott's biography. To think that she only took two and a half months to write this book bewilders me. Her biography is worth reading for anyone interesting. She was a great author, whom I will always hold in the highest regard. She has broken through with many "firsts" in her writing. I can't wait to go home and finish the book. Then off to start on The Secret Garden for next week's class.

Concerning Little Women as a Teaching Tool

There has been some discussion and I think very intelligent argument that Little Women was one of the most critical secular tools to teach religious thought in its day, captivating its readers by a wonderful story beautifully told to teach about the necessity of abiding by the concepts taught in the New Testament. Did anyone see this kind of teaching in this book? What did you see? It has also been argued that the book given the girls was not the Bible but Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyon. Thoughts? Arguments to that?

similies and metaphors

in the book little women, what do the following simlies mean: dark as egypt prim as a dish please help! I really need to figure out what these mean in the next 5 minutes! even if you only know one, that would still be very helpful!

Alcott's characters resemble your own character?

Ok. The title is not very clear; I'm aware of that XD And that's why I'l try to explain this new Thread. When I was little and read Little Women, I felt like I had to have a favourite character (in my case, it was Beth), so as to follow her throughout the book... But when I read it again when I was older, I realized I couldn't choose any of the four because - somehow - I felt identified with all the sisters. For example: 'When I'm scared, I act like Jo; but when I'm mad, I usually act like Amy'... and I was wondering if any of you came up with this idea too :) In case this explanation is not clear enough (english is not my first language as you may have noticed :P), then tell me with whom of the characters you feel most identified with ;) BloomingRose

Civil War influence on Alcotts writing?

I was just wondering how the Civil War has influenced Alcotts writing, I know she wrote some a book about her experiences as a Civil War nurse and at the start of Little Women she mentions that their father was a chaplain. I've been reading her other books and there doesn't seem to be any mention about the Civil War or is it just cause it was published after the war? I dont really know.

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