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What a magnificent story this is! It gives the real meaning of education, and how to be friends with others. The characters are best.--Submitted by jasepel.


This book shows the life of the boys and how they are brought up; and how they bring joy as well as troubles, faults, and happiness.The third book shows how Jo, after inheriting the house, runs it in her own way occasionally needing help from the good old Professor. She models the boys not only to be good in studies but to be good human beings.--Submitted by Anonymous.


This story tells us about the time when Jo's grand aunt gives Jo her big house after she us dead. Jo turns the house into a school for boys and helps to become better boys and also brings a few girls along.--Submitted by Anonymous


From the eyes of a boy named Nat, Jo and Mr Bhaer's school is shown through all the adventures of the children living there-from Daisy's mysterious new toys to Rob and Nan getting lost while picking huckleberries, Little Men is an enjoyable book for adults and children alike.--Submitted by Anonymous

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Bess = Beth?

Hi! My friends and i were just rereading the march family series (little women, little men, jo's boys) and were trying to figure out if Amy and Lauries daughter Bess in Little Men is the same daughter they had in Little Women, who was called Beth and implied to be dying?? Anyone know??? Thanks! Elyse

Little Men

hey people! has anyone of you read LITTLE MEN by LOUISA MAY ALCOTT???? if so, then post your views about it......:D

Little Men

This book is very interesting. If you ever get tired of mystery or action books, this is a good book to read.


All of Louisa May Alcott's books are terrrific. They make you think of a time when you were a kid and make you think about trying to change things now in your life to make it more exciting. The best book was the first one, of course little women. It emphasized the characters so well and explained each of there own being. It is just great.

No Subject

This book is wonderful! It is great to hear what happens after all the mishaps and losses in Little Women. I recommend it to everyone!

No Subject

Louisa May Alcott is one of the best authors I have ver encountered in my life. Her works are the best, her experiences portrayed in her works are true and her life exciting yet simple. In my opinion, no one could ever take the place of one genius and is


Louisa May Alcott

Louisa May Alcott is a very gifted writer, My teacher always recommeded that i read harder literature, and my sister told me about the book little women, I started with the first chapter of the book and fell in love with it, i juts couldnt let it go. It was a happy, exciting, sad, book, and most people could relate to the events in the book, thats what i like most. Its because of her that i became the writer i am today, shes a great inspiration!!

World Literature

Alcott clearly emphasize the theme of the story. She was a very brilliant writer.

No Subject

I thought this was a great book! I first fell in love with Little Women and thought I shoud try Little Men, too. I love it! It seems so true when you have that many boys together. I like all the mischief that they always got into. I think Louisa M. Alcott is a great author!

No Subject

i really do appreciate the book of louisa may alcott. especially the little men. but theres one problem im having. i want to ask for the main characters of the story to the net. but i cant have the characters until now. can you bookworms can give me the list and definitions of characters of the book of louisa may alcott? i really need it because im having a book report and honestly im having a hard time searching for the enumerated list of characters.....

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