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Jo's Boys


A Sequel to Little Women


Louisa May Alcott continues the story of her feisty protagonist Jo in this final novel chronicling the adventures and misadventures of the March family. Entertaining, surprising, and overall a joy to read, Jo's Boys is nevertheless shaded by a bittersweet tone, for with it Alcott brought her wonderful series to an end. Proudly witnessing the coming-of-age of rebellious Dan, sailor Emil, and musician Nat, Jo and her husband, Professor Bhaer, preside over their school while encountering shipwreck, storm, disappointment, and murder.

Sometimes this book makes you cry and sometimes makes you laugh. If you are reading it for the first time it introduces you to a new world, the world of wonder i.e the world of books with pupils from the Plumfield coming back. Happy reading!--Submitted by Eina

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Who is the mystery baby?

I was just re-reading the whole set, and I came across something that's puzzled me before. At the play at the new college on the hill near Plumfield (in chapter 14), there's a baby. The part is played by a baby that all the March women seem to know, and who is quite happy when Meg soothes and coddles him, but there's no mention of a baby before or after this chapter. None of the March women have a new child, none of the next generation have had time to have a baby, so who is this baby? (Note - the baby is a boy, old enough to sit up, doesn't seem to have words at all, so probably under 1 year old.)

Favourite Boy?

Just out of curiosity, who was everyone's favourite of 'Jo's Boys'? Personally I loved Dan - just the whole 'kind-at-heart-bad-boy' thing. It definately upset me how things ended for him, even if it was sort of fitting.

Jo's Boys

This Book is bad. I can't find any information on this book.I think this book is boring and to long.This is what is what i think of this dumb boring to long no good book.

love u n miss u ms.alcott

i have just finished jo's boys. i felt extremely dissapionted when she said, '...let the music stop, the lights stop, the lightsdie out, and the curtains fall for EVER on the march family'. it was fullstop for ever!! wanted more.. more about daisy, tommy, bess, ted, josie, and my favourite laurie!! she has successfully shown a close knit family, love, friendship, beauty, youth and adolescence. thanku ms.alcott. andwe do miss u, as i hoped for more more and more never ending soutce of jo and her family!!

Jo's Boys

I cried and cried when this book came to an end, because the Marches and all the boys are like real people to me. They're just so true-to-life and interesting. I've read all of Louisa May Alcott's books, but the March trilogy is the best of them all. Has anyone else ever tried to figure out which sister they were the most like? I never can decide between Jo and Amy, because I'm a little like both of them. Well, whatever, I just recommend these books to everybody!

Excellent Book

I love the whole set i think its the best in the world but i refuse to believe that Jo is suited for Mr Bhaer and not Laurie. It is obvious that even in Little Men the married man still has a place in his heart for Jo...and i refuse to believe that its sisterly!!! i mean come on its not fair! its only because shes Brunette that she married an old middle aged man and not "charming" understands her sooooooo welll...she cant just dump TEDDY!

Jo's Boys

I remember this book being a great finale to the series- however much I hated the books to end. All the Little Women books are wonderful. UNFORTUNATELY, I cannot find this book anywhere & it keeps coming up out of print. If you can find it, read it! Great writing is not only for children.

As far as someone else's question; I always thought I was like Jo, which is a good thing because we have the same name. :)

No Subject

I don't mean to be mean but I don't like Jo's Boys as much as Little Women, because Jo's Boys is sort of an ending story of Little Women. I guess what I'm trying to say is what's a novel with no start but an exact ending. My twin Rikka say Jo's Boys is good cause there was an instant ending but there's also a new start. I guess she's right but thats her opinion, not mine. My whole family loved the books (trilogy) by the way.

No Subject

I really like these books! But I also think she should have married Teddy. They would have been perfect. Besides that they are great and wonderful books! My mom has read them and so have I. And some day I want my daughter to read them too.

No Subject

I'm not really on that level of the book yet, so it's kind of boring, but I recommend this book 4 other people. Ilove Little Women!

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