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Jack and Jill



Two inseparable friends, Jack and Jill's bond is tested by a serious sledding accident. But with the encouragement of friends and family, they resolve not to let the misfortune ruin the holiday season.

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Any Romance in Jack and Jill???

I'm a few chapters into this book, by one of my favorite authors, and here's a question for those who have read it: Does it just tell about life after the accident, or is there a part where they're all older, with some romance? Like in some L.M.A. books. Thanks for replying, ahead of time.

Jack and Gill

I find Andrea's essay and all the associations from it sickening. Life isn't like that, or at least mine isn't. I suppose fifty years in that other world that alcoholics children each occupy disqualify me from making a comment. All I will say is that I still do not know how to make friends or get invoved in relationships.
No, what I really wanted to know was the origin of "Jack and Gill". I doubt very much if it was a product of Louisa May Alcott. Such "nursery rhymes" as we call them, were never the play fodder of children unless we extend the definition to include the offspring and participants in the parliamentary and courtly shennanigans of the period loosely defined by the turns of the seventeenth to nineteenth centuries.
Enlightenment please?
Kenneth Reborn.

No Subject

Did any of us ever wonder what happened after "Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after!" Well, Louisa May Alcott has given us a wonderful portrayal of the famous historical characters Jack and Jill.

The novel, though it starts with the tragedy mentioned above, the strength of spirit and the life lessons learned by the dear characters enable the story to end happily leaving us to ponder about our own lives and reflect on the difficulties and the trials that we face.

It might be almost absurd to say that the novel has a soul, but I cannot shake the feeling away everytime I take this book to read. Though the book was originally written for children, adults too can learn important lessons of how to deal with the troubles and the obstacles that come in their way which is mostly the case as we try to make something of ourselves in this bustling, crazy world.

Louisa May Alcott is just splendid in handling themes that involve values such as patience, prudence, obedience, love, kindness and even the harsh reality of death. As a child I dreamed of changing the world, of bringing about a revolution. But what I didn't realize is that change can be brought about effectively first and formost in our own homes. Alcott has described this beautifully through her delightful yet individual characters, Jill, Merry and Molly.

The novel is not a fairy tale but a brilliant effort which shows us that even through the greatest trials and temptations, each and everyone one of us has the power within to emerge victorious together with the love and support of those whom we love.

I strongly recommend this book not only for every boy and girl who wants to be a good little angel, but also for those who still long for the innocence and purity of their happy childhood.

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