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Eight Cousins

Orphaned Rose Campbell finds it difficult to fit in when she goes to live with her six aunts and seven mischievous boy cousins.


Still aching from the loss of her father, 13 year old Rose finds herself in a different world filled with aunts who disagree on the best way to raise her, and seven energetic male cousins with a bewildering array of ideas for fun. To her rescue comes her Uncle, who “takes over” from the aunts and helps Rose develop into a sensitive but bold and fun loving young woman who can hold her own with even the most rambunctious of her cousins. In one short year Rose goes from a shy girl of uncertain health, to a self-assured and compassionate young woman. The adventures that help get her there make for an enjoyable read.--Submitted by Cayley


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Eight cousins and Rose in Bloom- each of the characters' development

Lets start with Mac- his was one character where u could truly say The Ugly Duckling has turned into a Swan!.. And what a swan..with a heart of gold

Who's who to whom?

I realised there were no topics about this book, so I decided to start one :) (This is also my first own topic in this forum :eek:) I was very young when I read Eight Cousins for the first time. I just happened to find it from our bookshelf and started to read. There was something really fascinating in it, which made me read it again and again when I didn't have anything else to do. The relationships between all the characters were (and still are) a bit too complicated for me. I'm not sure who's whose sister or brother or aunt and so on, and this bothers me a bit. The fact that in the Finnish translations of Eight Cousins and it's sequel the names of the characters are partially different in both books isn't helping either... Can any of you help me to create some kind of a family tree or something?

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