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Behind A Mask or, A Woman's Power


(1866 - Writing as A.M. Barnard)

A study of deception and betrayal, this is one of Alcott's more well-known works published under her pseudonym.

Written by Louisa May Alcott under the pseudonym A.M Barnard and described by her as one of her 'Blood and Thunder' novels, this is an intriguing tale which subverts the portrayal of such passive heroines as Jane Eyre. It is a story of a strong, intelligent and not always a very nice woman, but always a fascinating one.--Submitted by Mrs Clayton.

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A Different Louisa May Alcott

I have just started this book. I read "A Long Fatal Love Chase" a few months ago and was astounded at the writing. I found background on the book and found she is one of the first gothic novelists. I'm looking forward to reading the other side of Lousia Alcott. Has anyone else read this?

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