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A Confession


First distributed in Russia in 1882, published in 1884

Translation by Louise and Aylmer Maude

Notes by Aylmer Maude

This is a great book written by one of the greatest writer in the history. In this book Tolstoy examines the philosophical question of the meaning of life. He first narrates his early life. He was puzzled by the fact that he was considered a moral person despite his many amoral acts. He also expresses his indifference toward religion. He finds that people who are religious are no more ethical or moral than other less religious people. He goes on to say that religion is used to gain more affirmation and power in society. On the contrary he says that people who show their affiliation to religion are more prone to be morally corrupt. At the age of 50 Tolstoy developed detachedness from life, despite the fact that he was very wealthy and physically fit. He goes on to examine his despair in philosophy to science. He found no satisfactory solution. Later he realized that he posed the question in the wrong way. He discovered that purpose of life can be seen in the life of ordinary people. In my opinion this is a greatly intriguing book. One should not miss it.--Submitted by Anonymous

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