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Media Kit

Thank you for your interest in advertising on The Literature Network. Our site has performed well for advertisers in the past and we hope it will perform well for you too.

Vital Statistics:

  • This site gets 9 million impressions per month when school is in session, at other times it gets about half that.
  • Our Sonnet-A-Day Newsletter has over 100,000 subscribers.
  • 29% of our audience is between the ages of 18 and 24. 27% is under 18.
  • 53% of our visitors are female, 45% are male.
  • 50% of our visitors are students.
  • 80% of our visitors are US residents.
  • 80% of our visitors shop online.
  • Mentions:
    This site has been a USA Today Hot Site, and has made appearances on the frontpages of popular social networking sites Digg,, and Reddit.

    Past Performance:
    The majority of our visitors are students working on homework, thus essay advertisements have performed very well. Essay banners have performed as high as a 3% CTR, and essay links get clicked hundreds of times a day. Other education related advertisements also perform well.

    Advertising Opportunities:
    If you wish to purchase banners they are sold primarily through To advertise in our essay search results contact SearchFeed.

    In addition to the options above we are open to other types of advertising relationships. For information write the webmaster.