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The Pirate of Panama


A Tale of the Fight for Buried Treasure.


To Captain Forrester, First Mate Robert, Quartermaster William, and Bo'sun Kenneth, This Voyage of the Argos is Dedicated.

Ho, gallant tars and true, fall to!
Up anchor, lads, and sheets unfurl.
Let engines throb a low tattoo;
It's "All aboard or Panama."

The snell wind whistles shrill o'erhead,
The bullets spatter thick below,
By candle light we count our dead,
While we are bound for Panama.

For all true men waits hidden gold,
'Gainst all true hearts fight pirate foes,
Who bears him with a courage bold
Will land with us at Panama.

Into the deep drive strong and sure,
Straight as an arrow for the goal,
From off the course let nothing lure,
The breeze is fair for Panama.

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