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In August

 All the long August afternoon,
      The little drowsy stream
  Whispers a melancholy tune,
  As if it dreamed of June
      And whispered in its dream.

  The thistles show beyond the brook
      Dust on their down and bloom,
  And out of many a weed-grown nook
  The aster-flowérs look
      With eyes of tender gloom.

  The silent orchard aisles are sweet
      With smell of ripening fruit.
  Through the sere grass, in shy retreat,
  Flutter, at coming feet,
      The robins strange and mute.

  There is no wind to stir the leaves,
      The harsh leaves overhead;
  Only the querulous cricket grieves,
  And shrilling locust weaves
      A song of Summer dead.

William Dean Howells