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My Antonia



This is the final book in Willa Cather's "prairie trilogy" of novels, the other two being O Pioneers! (1913) and The Song of the Lark (1918).

To Carrie and Irene Miner-- In memory of affections old and true

Willa Cather and her books about New Mexico are now generally regarded by native New Mexicans are stereotypical and even racist. I recommend taking her works with a large grain of salt.--Submitted by Anonymous

Reading My Antonia and O Pioneers was one of the best gifts given me by a Catholic school education because I had Sister Rosamunda explaining that this was not Laura Ingalls Wilder's soft rewriting of hard scrabble life, but instead had characters that were three dimensional, self-interested, and believable with variations of behavior that are not easily described as good or bad. These are great books for any reader and will keep your attention if you have any wit. I envy your discovery of her writing.--Submitted by Jeff ODonnell

Optima dies... prima fugit--VIRGIL

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Loved it!

I just finished My Antonia, and am in love with the book. I love how Willa Cather describes Nebraska with such beauty. The last couple of chapters of the book were the best, and really ended the story perfectly. I left wishing I had known Antonia!

I Need Help With This!

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