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The War in the Air



The story of a Britisher who, by a freak accident, becomes sucked up in the beginnings of a World War that starts and ends in England (for him) but takes a detour to America. This war involves dirigibles and early aircraft, some of which fly by flapping their wings. Chapter Six contains an interesting and timely description of New York city. An insightful rendering of human nature and warfare with, in light of modern knowledge, obvious flaws regarding science. Worth reading at least once.--Submitted by Bruce H.

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Steamprog - The War in the Air

Hello! I'm a composer, currently adapting Wells's "The War in the Air" as a classical/progressive rock concept album. I'd love to discuss aspects, themes and ideas about the book with others on this forum. To hear some of the music already completed, go to:!/steamprog Thank you, Simon.

The War in the Air

I read this fine book some years ago and was struck by the prophetic visions it contained. In particular the mention of the aircraft, manned by small yellow pilots, that came out of the east with the rising sun. nThere are clear potents here of the kamikaze missions of World War II.
So H G Wells ... true visionary or lucky guesser ... I know what I think.

good book

I liked it because it made good visual images

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