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When the Sleeper Wakes



H.G. Wells introduces a dystopian future which grants access into the human response to such key issues as social reform, institutional finance, freedom and the method of progress itself. Wells encapsulates this heavy subject matter in an incredibly thrilling novel that keeps you glued to the pages with suspense, discovery, and introspection. The political ideals displayed by heroic characters will challenge your own beliefs and mission for the world.--Submitted by Jonathan C.

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Wells seems always using one device to sign the different time and place. In Time Machine, we are let to know how 'machine' brought its character into another dimension of time and place. In 'When The Sleeper Wakes' he uses 'Sleeper' to sign how the past is differed to the future. Both processes of time travelling are based on the vision of future-the idea of utopia- by using one device to make a process of defined ideology of time and place.

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