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The History of Mr. Polly



The History of Mr Polly is surely the definitive record of how most of us live our lives: stumbling helplessly from one episode to another, with little control over the events that overtake and shape us. I believe that Mr. Polly is the best book that H.G. Wells wrote and I have a sneaking suspicion that he adopted a style which was more Dickens than his own. I must have read this at least six times and I do not think that I will ever tire of reading it. It is a mirror which reflects the helplessness that can overwhelm us all, with the option that it is within our power to change our lives, even if there is a risk that we may not change it for the better.--Submitted by Stephen Haygreen

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Anybody Read This?

I picked this up yesterday by chance in a second-hand book shop and starting reading it. It seems promising by the first few chapters, any readers of it?

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