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The Talisman



In The Talisman King Richard the Lion Hearted is seeking to reclaim the Holy Land in the crusades. Along the way, a Scottish knight is accused of treason, and the Saracen king, Saladin, tries to save him. An exciting tournament, and unexpected climax at the end of the book makes for exciting reading.

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The Talisman

I think this is a very good novel.I think it has a ton of mysterious things that happen throughout the Talisman. It is very hard to understand at first but when you get closer to the end it starts to make more sense and you start to understand it. I like this book because it was based on religon and Sir Kenneth is a christian.Sir Walter Scott did an excellent job on writting this very touching novel.:banana:


Is there a reference in thisstory about a trichobezoar?

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This is my first time reading a Sir Walter Scott novel, and I did not enjoy it. I felt The Talisman was not as interesting as i has presumed it to be.

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I just love this Scott book. It has always been my favourite. The thing about Scott is that he can be tedious; but there are moments of magnificence which you go back and read time and time again. The action explodes and nothing can stop it. Like the chapel scene, which has always been a favourite of mine. Or the part where Richard almost cuts of Kenneth's head. Or where Kenneth has an interview with Edith, but isn't allowed to speak to her. Or in Waverly, where he almost comes to blows with Fergus. Or in Rob Roy, the duel or the scary scene where Helen Macgregor threatens to kill Francis and the Bailie. Or in Quentin Durward, where he rescues Isabelle from the burning castle. Or in Ivanhoe, scenes with the Templar and Rebecca clashing like sparks; or my all-time favourite, the hilarious Friar Tuck-King Richard scenes. And so many more I can't count them...

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Vivid in physical description and historical depiction.

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