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This is the fifth in Scotts' Waverley novels, the others being;

Waverley (1814),
Guy Mannering (1815),
The Antiquary (1816),
Rob Roy (1818),
Kenilworth (1821),
The Pirate (1822),
The Fortunes of Nigel (1822),
Peveril of the Peak (1822),
Quentin Durward (1823),
St. Ronan's Well (1824),
Redgauntlet (1824),
Tales of the Crusaders: The Betrothed and The Talisman (1825),
Woodstock (1826),
Chronicles of the Canongate: The Fair Maid of Perth (1828), and
Anne of Geierstein (1829).


Ivanhoe is the story of knights, yeomen, and the like. Though its genre is favorably historical fiction, it tells the tales of romance, power, and glory. A chief part of the book is the characters; they stay with the book in all circumstances, and are honourable persons. The setting is in Old England, but Scott tells it as though it is modern-day (despite the Old English drawl). This is a book of fantasies and is enjoyed by readers of a mature age.--Submitted by elainemaine.


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Influence of 'Ivanhoe'

The wonderful 'Ivanhoe' is part of mainstream culture as no other Walter Scott novel is, if only through the (not a patch on the book) film. Very many people's entire idea of the medieval era comes from this novel, not to mention their idea of the Robin Hood story and the relationship between King Richard and his 'bad' brother John. Most later books and films on the subject have followed Scott's interpretation of the period, although some of his history is a little wobbly, as we know.An example is his depiction of a still-polarised England one hundred years after the Conquest, which was probably not the case among the 'common' people at least. Those quibbles aside, it is a book which contains all the adventure, colour and gripping scenes one could ask for. Favourite character? Rebecca - thoughtful and complex. Honourable mention to Wamba - foolish and wise. ' In these glades I am monarch - they are my kingdom; and these my wild subjects would reck but little of my power, were I, within mine own dominions, to yield place to mortal man.' - Robin of Locksley.

A great Book

This book is really amazing and think that i read it as a homework but i finished love it. I have to say that the begining was a little boring, but as soon as I read it becomes really interesting I couldīt stop reading it. And I read it in just two days spending the whole weekend reading but i donīt regret about it. Itīs one of the best books Iīve ever read. itīs a shape I read in spanish (my language) but my english has not that level so far. sorry for my english.:blush:


Hey there, I'm doing a term paper on Ivanhoe, and my topic is The True Hero of Ivanhoe. I was wondering who you think is the true hero of this book, so I can possibly compare some responses with what I myself am writing. Thanks for any help. Ted


Can't find the Key Facts for this fiction :bawling: Can someone tell me who is the narrator?

I need help

I read Ivanhoe and I like it very nuch....but I have a question that my teacher asked to me: Discuss Ivanhoe.Focus on the plot lines -how they interconnect? I don't understand how should I answer?:flare: please help....

Favourite Ivanhoe character? I always liked Rebecca and I never saw what Ivanhoe saw in boring old Rowena...


I agree with other members that Ivanhoe is not the most rivetting read, however, it was the first true "Historical" novel, and established the genre as we know it today. Can I just clarify one thing, the basic mistake made by modern readers is to refer to the hero as "Ivanhoe", his title and name was "Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe" which could be shortened to "Sir Wilfred", but NEVER to "Sir Ivanhoe"! In the 1952 film, everyone, including his father, refers to him as "Ivanhoe" this is typical Holywood history, it would be equivelant to the father of Bill Smith calling him "Smith"!

Greatest Book ever

I love this book more then any book I've read (besides the bible). Sir Walter Scott is the wisest book writer that I've ever known(besides God). The plot was awsome. I never thought that the BK (Black Knight) was Richard the BK (Big King). I really liked Wamba, I even wrote an essay about Wamba called "Not only a Jester: A Wamba Story. Every body thought he was just a stupid Jester and they didnt know that behind the jokes there was a brave and wise hero. If someone made a play about Ivanhoe that would be cool. This is the Greatest book ever.

No Subject

This book is total great. What is unique about this books is that Sir Ivanhoe combines alliance with Robin Hood (originally Sir Robert of Locksley) to fight against Prince John and free King Richard the Lion-Hearted from Tirol. They were helped by Isaac of York, Girth, Wamba and other allies of their sides. Besides, Ivanhoe's romance with Lady Rowena is one of the interesting parts of the whole storyline. The English used by Sir Walter Scott is so strong until that encouraged me more to read the book. This book enhanced more of my learning skills in English practical grammar. Another advantage for me is that I get to know more about the Ancient History of Great Britain. Everyone believed that King Richard was a great ruler. For me, I would support the release of King Richard and when getting to know with Ivanhoe and Robin, imagining I'd love to be their friend and ally.

I love this book

This book was just a blast to read, trying to guess the twisting turns and finding out the true turn made this book exciting. I can't see why anyone would find this a dry and dull work. It made quick work of my reluctance to read it at first. It does have some pretty anti-semetic lines but it just adds to the plight of the romance. Ivanhoe has made me somewhat obsessive over the classics and the romantics. So Enjoy, even though if it's an assignment bear with it you may be suprised.

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