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The Huron: L'Ingenue


From Voltaire's Romances

First published in French in 1767

This English translation published in 1885

French title L'Ingénu

A satirical novella tells the story of a man from the Huron tribe transported to Paris in 1690. In this story Voltaire satirises religious doctrine, government corruption, and the folly and injustices of French society. He advocates deism and lambastes intolerance, fanaticism, superstitions, sects, and the Catholic clergy.

Published by Peter Eckler, New York

Translated by William F. Fleming in 1889

With Notes and Illustrations

I choose that a story should be founded on probability, and not always resemble a dream. I desire to find nothing in it trivial or extravagant; and I desire above all, that under the appearance of fable there may appear some latent truth, obvious to the discerning eye, though it escape the observation of the vulgar.--Voltaire.

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