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Letters on England


First published in 1733 as "Lettres philosophique". This translation appeared in 1778.

One of the world's most brilliant minds weighs in on the England of his times in this satirical work focusing on religion, politics, science, and the arts.

It consists of twenty-four letters:

Letters I - IV: On The Quakers

Letter V: On The Church of England

Letter VI: On The Presbyterians

Letter VII: On The Socinians, or Arians, or Antitrinitarians

Letter VIII: On The Parliament

Letter IX: On The Government

Letter X: On Trade

Letter XI: On Inoculation

Letter XII: On The Lord Bacon

Letter XIII: On Mr. Locke

Letter XIV: On Descartes and Sir Isaac Newton

Letter XV: On Attraction

Letter XVI: On Sir Isaac Newton's Optics

Letter XVII: On Infinites in Geometry, and Sir Isaac Newton's Chronology

Letter XVIII: On Tragedy

Letter XIX: On Comedy

Letter XX: On Such of The Nobility as Cultivate The Belles Lettres

Letter XXI: On The Earl of Rochester and Mr. Waller

Letter XXII: On Mr. Pope and Some Other Famous Poets

Letter XXIII: On The Regard That Ought to Be Shown to Men of Letters

Letter XXIV: On The Royal Society and Other Academies

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Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire

For the Enlightenment Voltaire is a bright shining light in a darkened world. There are few individuals who succeed in a way that this individual has. He is a genious and has true wit, charm, storytelling ability, and an affable character. I would be interested in discussing him with anyone. . .

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