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The Underground City


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Jules Verne,

This book is much what I have come to expect of Jules Verne, that is, a mixture of imagination, scientific rigour (when mentioned in passing), interacting personalities, and simple breadth. However, in my moderate acquaintance with Jules Verne's writings, it seems a bit heavy on the Victorian sentimentality (I mean, even her name is Nell, for crying out loud!) compared with others of his works (in which said sentimentality was not lacking, by any means), perhaps to the detriment of some of the weird personalities that Jules Verne is famous for. I nonetheless recommend it.

The Underground City

This is the third novel written by Jules Verne that I have read. I enjoy his combination of science and imagination (I am a geologist). His writings reveal interesting historical data also.

I found "The Underground City" to be a wonderful love story. It very nicely illustrates the love of the coal mines by the engineer, and the Ford family. (It shows the love of hate by Silfax, too.) It also illustrates the love of Harry Ford and Nell for each other. Unlike modern movies, I was enthralled by the suspense. I enjoy the euphoria from reading Jules Verne novels.

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