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Michael Strogoff


Or, The Courier of the Czar


A classic tale of adventure and intrigue in the Russian Empire. Someone must warn the Governor-General of Siberia that the fierce Feofar-Khan is pouring his men into Siberia and fomenting rebellion. Only one of the Czar's couriers is capable of handling this mission--Michael Strogoff.

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I read it and I feel like this is a reality so different from nowadays. Here there is a necesity of sacrificing the family, friends and "girl friend" for something like a post. For me is sometimes confuse, since some times he decides not to act in order to save friends and other ones yes he does. Nicolas died, withouth them helping him. The was the posibility of Jovilet and the english reporters were dead, but Miguel Strogoff just continues to finish his task. That for me there were very relative actions or decissions taked. The way the duque forgives all the exiled ones. Withouth taking into consideration any of the crimes they could have done. I think the exiled, were a crucial theme here in this novel. Since there were ones, that fight for Russia and those full of the desire of revenge, like Ivan. But in some way, Miguel Strogoff also wanted revenge from Ogareff. Here is the sentiment of goodness surrounding all the purpouses of defending Russia, from its traidors. That is the measure of the goodness. By the way, I dont agree on saying that only the ones in the past are good. I like present novels also. Because sometimes there is more liberty. The heroes are not complete heroes. People do things that sometimes even for writers was better to skip in their characters. I would like to found more discussions about this novel! thanks...

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There was also a movie made based on this novel. I believe it was made in France. Its about 6 hrs if I remember correctly. Furthermore, it has the most angelic, beutiful score I have EVER heard. Oh by the way, I agree with Nelson 100% on his views on Literature, music, and art in general. They are dead, but hopefuly a rebirth is not far in the future.

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This novel: Michael Strogoff is a very well written ouvre d'art. It is very interesting, informative and entertaining. Qualities that you can't find in modern day literature with rare exceptions. Nowadays you can only read trash written mostly by women authors(Where are the male writers? I read most Jules Verne books during my teen years and since I can't get any good modern novels I am going back to him. Literature, like good music, is dead.

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