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Journey to the Center of the Earth

This book is about the quest to the centre of the earth. The expedition is led by Professor Otto Liedenbrock and includes Axel and their Icelandic guide Hans. Liedenbrock stumbles upon this discovery when he was going through a runic script. In the runic script he discovers a coded message written by an Icelandic alchemist Arne Saknussemm, saying that he has been to the centre of the earth. He goes on to describe how exactly he did it. So Professor Otto Liedenbrock, Axel, and Hans go to Sneffels where they are let down by cloudy skies. But on the last day the sun comes out and they enter the correct crater. Once in they face many mishaps like being in a chamber filled with combustible gas and face several prehistoric creatures. After the journey they return to Hamburg to great acclaim--Professor Liedenbrock is hailed as one of the greatest scientists of history, Axel marries his sweetheart GraŘben, and Hans eventually returns to his peaceful life in Iceland.--Submitted by Anonymous


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Term paper topic on Journey

I have to do a term paper on Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth. The topic should be something related to adventure genre. please suggest me topics for my term paper asap. I will really appreciate it. thanks.

Help understanding Journey to the center of the earth.

1.)What problems do each of the 3 characters face within themselves, and how do they end up resolving each of there problems? 2.)What are 4 of the most important occurences in the book that really make a difference? 3.)What are 4 symbols within the story? 4.)What are 4 major themes within this story? 5.)What are 4 lessons you can learn within this story? If anyone could help me It would be greatly appreciated. I just finished this book but had a hard time understanding several parts of the story.

Reply to first post

1) Words run together is an artifact of optical character recognition (OCR) which is the process by which the pages of old books are put on a scanner and converted to text by the computer.

The only solution to preventing the words being run together is hand-editing, and this is very time consuming. No doubt those who run this Web site would rather devote their time to putting up more books rather than putting up far fewer books but making sure each one is 100% perfect.

The posting of this book has excellent quality OCR; the best I've seen.

2) As far as the phrenology reference and its alleged racism: This is a science fiction book from the 1860s. Of course it is going to contain references to disproven scientific theories! The book makes favorable discussions of alchemy, for crying out loud. If your mission is to re-publish a book in an exact facsimilie of its 1870 edition, you can't go updating and correcting the science! That would be stupid. If you allege that phrenology is a recist philosophy, then so be it! This book mentioned it, and history needs to record that fact.

No Subject

So far I've read nearly 32 chapters nonstop and it's wonderful. Every so often the story slows down with a discussion of scientific facts or theories but it never gets boring. It never seems outdated even though set in the 1860's and written not much later. Now I wish I'd read slower so I'd have more story left to enjoy.

No Subject

I enjoyed the book alot and would recommend it. Even if the calculations and science is now proven wrong, it provides a very interesting view on the science of that age. On the 14th of November I am presenting a speech on it to my class. I will submit here after I present it. I am now considering whether to read another Jules Verne or a George Orwell book.

No Subject

I think that this book is a very fine example of litarary genius. My brother did not like to read until he read this book and now he rants and raves about it. He loved it!! Keep this site up.

Jules Verne

My name is John and I'm 48, I had heard a lot about Jules Verne but had not read this wonderful book until it was assigned to my 10-year old to read it. I picked it up one night and just coul not close it. I read it in two nights. It's a wonderful book with real charcters and real places, makes everything believable. I'm sorry I waited so long to read this "everybody-should-read" book. I enjoyed how he names the discovered places: the Lindenbrock Sea, Hansbach River, GraŘben Lake, Saknussemm Volcano, and Axel Island.

No Subject

This is one of Verne's best works. The characters wonderfully believable and the plot is absolutely brilliant. Despite the slow pace of Verne's discourses on geology, _A Journey to the Centre of the Earth_ is one of my all time favourite books. Verne's talent is always evident in his books told in first-person, such as _20,000 Leagues ... _ -- one forgets there is any author other than the narrator. _A Journey to the Centre of the Earth_ is no exception and makes an excellent read.

No Subject

Overall, I didn't enjoy this book at all. The only thing that I did enjoy was the characterization. The characters are very well developed. It was far too wordy though, and they never even reach the center. That really bothered me.


Hello. I am Makayla Brooks an 8th grade student. I never have read this book and i was wonderin if it is a good book to read. My teacher is making the class write a story kind of like this one only in our point of view.If you would please e`mail me back and tell me what you think of this book and if it is suitable for an 8th grader to read. Thank you for your time reading my e`mail.

Makayla Brooks

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