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The Mysterious Stranger


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The Mysterious Stranger was written in 1898 but was unfinished at the time of Twain's death.

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Is Mysterious Stranger worth reading?

I watched this on YouTube and seems to be inspired by Twain's Mysterious Stranger: I like it very much and I'd like to know if Mysterious Stranger is worth reading (as I managed to read it wasn't completed by Twain). Is it kept in that very atosphere? :) I liked Huck Finn's adventures very much and would like to know your opinion about Twain, Mysterious Stranger (mainly) and oter works. Thank you :)

Satan: Angel or Devil?

Satan really confuses me. Any opinions on whether he is supposed to be an angel or a devil?

'Satan is the only moral character in The Mysterious Stranger.' Discuss.

Hi, I've been set this essay, and I really don't know what to write. Any suggestions or ideas would be really useful. Thanks.

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