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Following the Equator



A Journey Around the World

"Be good and you will be lonesome"

This Book Is affectionately Inscribed To My Young Friend HARRY ROGERS With Recognition Of What He Is, And Apprehension Of What He May Become, Unless He Form Himself A Little More Closely Upon The Model Of The Author.

The Pudd'nhead Maxims:

These Wisdoms Are For The Luring Of Youth Toward High Moral Altitudes. The Author Did Not Gather Them From Practice, But From Observation. To Be Good Is Noble; but To Show Others How To Be Good Is Nobler And No Trouble

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Another Outstanding Travel Log by Twain

Similar to The Innocents Abroad - this novel is another of Twain's travel diary-style books. It has a lot of humor, and it also has some unforgettable descriptions of India. Amid the humor, there is also a lot of sincere and thoughtful description of the lands that he visited along the equator - it is a great glimpse at some of these lands, and some of the people in them. Overall, Innocents Abroad is a bit funnier - but Following the Equator is a pretty close second. His descriptions of his personal valet in India are hilarious This book is well worth the time if you like Twain's prose, and you want to get a glimpse of some distant lands

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