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Fathers and Sons



Translated by Richard Hare.


Fathers and Sons explores generational conflict in mid-19th century imperial Russia. Arkady and his friend Bazarov return from school with a whole new political outlook that is quick to clash with Arkady's traditionalist family. The novel captures an insight into Russian life at a time of great political change and movement. Turgenev delivers an interesting plot with which one can identify, even centuries after.--Submitted by Anonymous


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Fathers and Sons

Is this novel any good? (no spoilers please) and, what translation is best? I don't think P&V have translated it, I usually just go with them when reading Russian literature. I'm sorry if this has been asked on here before and I'm being tedious, but I figured you guys know what you're talking about. Many Thanks.

Turgenev's Father and

Like most Russian novels of its times, Father and Sons was written about the nobility; but it pictured them in a changing world, not long before the serfs were declared free men. Turgenev gently mocked the nihilism of his most significant character, the young doctor, Bazarov, but he treated the ideas respectfully. Turgenev coined the term nihilism.;)

Sitnikov, Kukshina & Kolyazins' Role and Function in the book.

Hello, I need help with the above topic. Any help would be much appreciated. In Father And Sons, around Page 135, Viktor Sitnikov and Kukshina is introduced to the story. I have read the book over and still have no idea on their role and function in the novel. Any ideas? Regards Keisuke,

plz help!! "fathers and son" - Ivan

hey...jst wondering if someone could find me some quotes that talks about the relationship between Nikolai (father) and Arkady (son)


If anybody wants to discuss about anything in this great novel; I am very interested.

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